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7 Stars Nukini Indigenous Herbal Blend Hapeh

7 Stars Nukini Indigenous Herbal Blend Hapeh

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Our Nukini Rapé master outdid himself with this beautiful Nukini 7 stars Rapé blend. It is fruity with fresh minty tones; powerful but smooth. Its beautiful scent comes from a herb called Embaubinha (Cecropia lyratiloba), a creeper with a silvery leaf. Embaubinha has a very particular scent that is very distinctive from other refreshing herbs used in Rapé Shamanic Snuff. Beautiful fruity tones that put a smile on your face. In general they use herbs that lift the spirit and are used in other preparations for spiritual cleansing. Sometimes these herbs have natural analgesic properties and are beneficial for the respiratory system. The ash used is Tsunu. We found this works with its nice tone to open the throat chakra. It is a Rapé that helps in communication.

  • 7 Stars, it takes this name because the incredible quality and it also takes you to the stars.
  • Helps with the communication in many levels, not just in the physical one.
  • Very good instrument to help with meditation. 
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