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Caboclo Paricá Xtra Indigenous Herbal Blend Hapeh

Caboclo Paricá Xtra Indigenous Herbal Blend Hapeh

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Our Caboclo Paricá Rapé blend is not for the weak hearted, it is a powerful medicine to go deep. Rapé blends of late have become overall stronger and stronger. This was one of the first blends to be of this powerful variety. It is energetic and grounding. When taking a bit more it takes you all the way. Made with powerful Rustica tobacco and ashes from the bark of a tree locally known as Paricá. This Paricá is not to be confused with the Yopo snuff that is sometimes also known as parica. These ashes also go by the name Xinshá. It is a blend that has a bit more tobacco than most varieties but not exaggerated. Naturally the tobacco used is the stronger variety.

  • One of the first non-indigenous Rapé crafters of the region.
  • Powerful Rustica tobacco and ashes from the bark.
  • Energetic and grounding.
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