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Earth's Love

Handmade Deer Kuripe for Rapé

Handmade Deer Kuripe for Rapé

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Earth's Love  Deer kuripe, is an astonished piece of art .

The kuripe is often used in the administration of rapé (pronounced ha-peh or rape), a sacred and powerful snuff made from various plants, often including tobacco.

Spiritual Symbolism: Deer are often seen as spiritual beings and are associated with various symbols such as grace, sensitivity, and intuition. The deer's ability to move silently and gracefully through the forest is admired, and many tribes believe that deer possess a special connection to the spirit world.

Ceremonial and Ritualistic Use: Deer imagery and symbols are commonly incorporated into tribal ceremonies, dances, and rituals. The antlers, in particular, are often used as adornments in traditional dances and ceremonies, symbolizing strength and spirituality.

Teaching and Lessons: The behavior and characteristics of deer are often used in Native American stories and folklore to convey important life lessons and values. Deer may symbolize traits such as gentleness, adaptability, and alertness.

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