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Murici Huni Kuin Indigenous Herbal Blend Hapeh

Murici Huni Kuin Indigenous Herbal Blend Hapeh

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Murici is a classic of the Huni Kuin or Kaxinawa tradition. A nice and simple rapé great for general use. Although the Huni Kuin have a vast variety of recipes and ingredients they use in their sacred snuffs, the Murici blend is a standard similar to what the Tsunu blend is to the Yawanawa: rice and beans, the daily staple (in Brazil). A great snuff without pretensions that won’t disappoint.

  • Murici rapé helps to fight fatigue and keeps ones spirituality active
  • It's used by the forest people to give strength in their daily chores.
  • Act bringing joy, witch is related to the throat and heart chakras that induces a state of satisfaction and equilibrium with your surroundings.
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