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Earth's Love

Paricá Indigenous Herbal Blend

Paricá Indigenous Herbal Blend

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Earth's Love Parica is our power blend made with strong Sabia and Parica ashes. These ashes are also known as Xinsha. This blend is a bit darker than our other blends. It has beautiful reddish color and has a nice grounding effect, good for going deep. It is a more masculine Rapé that works profoundly on the root chakra. Parica is one the few ashes that gives a significant extra strength than most ashes. For this reason many users love a good Parica blend, it is guaranteed to bring the force.

  • The name Parica was giving to this tree by the caboclos forest dwellers that live in the region
  • Yopo or Parica is a herbal blend that some tribes in the North East and other Amazonian regions use
  • Parica is also known by the name Xinsha
  • It is a big majestic tree
  • Earth's Love has been working with members of different Caboclo communities and also from them learned a lot about our Sacred Herbal Blend.
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