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Tsunu Native Shamanic Indigenous Herbal Blend Hapeh

Tsunu Native Shamanic Indigenous Herbal Blend Hapeh

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Tsunu Native is the gentlest of our home brand Tsunu varieties. Made with Tsunu ashes and medium strength natural moi mapacho tobacco typical in Acre state. The Tsunu ashes we use in our Shamanic Snuffs are original from our friends at the Yawanawa. The Yawanawa are the masters of Tsunu although it is in the general the most used ash of the region. There are some different species of trees the locals identify as Tsunu but for the Yawanawa there is only one.

  • Moi Mapacho tobacco is grow without pesticides.
  • Nice rustica tobacco with a wonderful flavor.
  • It's gentle on the nostrils, It has a mild effect.
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